Maternity Photography Session

It's ideal to have maternity photography done between 28 to 32 weeks in of your pregnancy. We suggest booking your session as early as knowing you are pregnant. Love Journal Kids provide both studio maternity photography and outdoor maternity photography.

On the day of photography, make-up will be provided by our professional make-up artist. You only need to prepare one set of dark coloured maxi-dress. We will provide white dresses. Please also bring white bra/underwear and other coloured bras/underwear that match the dress you are going to wear.

You can also have your partner or any other children if you would like to do family photography. Please prepare solid coloured (white/black/grey) t-shirts for all family members.


Newborn Photography Session

We suggest booking your session as early as you decide to do it after your pregnancy. It is ideal to photograph newborns between 7 and 14 days old. 

If after the booking is confirmed your baby arrives early or late, no worries at all, we will do our best to schedule your new session as soon as possible when you inform us of the new date.

The newborn photography session will be done in our studio. Our studio temperature is kept at 25 to 26 degrees where your baby is most comfortable and soothing white noise will be played as background music. By only using the finest blankets, props and backdrops, your baby will feel at home for the two to three hours you are with us. In case you are unable to travel to our studio, we can meet you at your home for a travel fee, starting from $100 depending on your location.

For the Deluxe service package, the two setup sessions will take up to two hours. For the two setups and one creative setup Elite session it will take up to three hours. We suggest you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early for your session in order to feed your baby comfortably in our studio. Typically, babies will fall asleep within two to three hours after feeding.

The creative newborn session is the signature package of our newborn photography service. We work together to create stunning photographs that make the photos unique and individual to your baby.


Kids Photography Session

From one month to 14 years old, Love Journal Kids Photography provide a wide range of kids photography services.

You can choose to do it in our studio, outdoors in a park or somewhere meaningful to you. If you wish to be different, just drop us an email and let us know your thoughts.


Cake Smash Photography Session & Birthday Party Photography

From Cake Smash Photography to Birthday Party Photography our photographers are professionally trained to work with kids and photograph them at their best. The photos are not only a memory of a moment, but more so a story telling of the love you have with your family.