General FAQs

  • Q: Are you Love Journal Photography?

    Yes we are the Kids Photography division of the famous Love Journal Photography. Due to the high demand of maternity photography, newborn photography, kids photography and family photography from our previous pre-wedding and wedding photography customers. Love Journal Photography proudly announced the new brand Love Journal Kids. The brand will continue the high standard of service that Love Journal Photography is known for.

  • Q: Why choose Love Journal Kids?

    Our team is not only mums and dads who know your needs, but also photographers who hold multi-international awards, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Primary Teaching, Certificate of Working with Children. We also have professional photo retouchers, printing editors and framing team members. We are one of the most professional photography teams in Australia.

  • Q: What light sources do you use? Do you use flash or LED?

    We use both natural light, flash lighting and LED lights. We do not use flash on newborn and kids under 1 year old, as it may make them uncomfortable.

  • Q: Do you provide all digital photos?

    Yes we provide full resolution, no watermark digital photos for all of our services, although we do remove the photos of our test checks, lighting checks, etc.

  • Q: How long does it take to get all the photos and products?

    One hour! Yes you are reading that right. We are able to provide all the digital photos with basic colour adjustments, fine editing, framed prints all in just one hour. 
    T&C: This service is only available during business hours on weekdays.
    If you do not need the one hour service. Your proof photos will be ready in 3 days. Fine editing photos will be ready in 3 days after photos are selected. Printing and framing will be ready for collection within 3 days after confirmation.

Maternity Photography FAQs

  • Q: When should you do pregnancy photos?

    We suggest booking your session as early as you know you are pregnant. The best period to do photography is between 28 to 32 weeks. Please avoid taking photos when your belly feels too heavy, usually beyond 35 weeks.

  • Q: What should I wear for maternity photos?

    Please prepare one dark coloured maxi dress. We will provide white dresses. Please also bring white bras/underwear and other coloured bras/underwear that match the dress you are going to bring.
    For family photos, please prepare solid coloured (white/black/grey/brown) t-shirts for everyone.

  • Q: Is makeup safe for pregnancy?

    We provide makeup for the photoshoot. Our make-up artists will use products that don’t contain parabens or fragrances.

Newborn Photography FAQs

  • Q: How old should baby be for newborn photos?

    We suggest booking your session as early as you decide to do it after you pregnancy. It is ideal to photograph newborns between 7 to 14 days. During this time babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day.

  • Q: Can I change the newborn session date if my baby arrives early or late?

    Absolutely. We book a limited number of newborn sessions every week. We will do our best to schedule your session as soon as possible from when you inform us of the new date.

  • Q: Do you do newborn session at your studio or you can travel to my home?

    We mainly do our photography sessions in our studio. We can travel to your home for a travel fee starting from $100 depending on your location.

  • Q: How long will the newborn session take?

    For the two setup sessions it will take up to two hours. For the two setups and one creative setup session it will take up to 3 hours. We suggest you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early for your session in order to feed your baby comfortably in our studio. Typically, babies will fall asleep within two to three hours after feeding.

  • Q: What you will provide?

    Please have your baby awake period before ethe photo session, so he or she will have a good sleep during the photo session. Our studio temperature will be around 25 to 26 degrees. We will provide photography setup, baskets, bowls, blankets, props, etc for your baby. Background music, warm water will be provided.

  • Q: What I need to prepare?

    Your baby’s food, nappy, wipes, favourite toy and dummy if your baby likes it. We do suggest bringing props such as the wristband of your baby from the hospital, the clip of umbilical cord if it’s already fallen off. As well as any other props you would like for your baby.

  • Q: Who can be I bring to the photo shoot?

    You, your partner, your baby and if you have other children.

  • Q: Do I need to prepare anything for the family photo part?

    For family photos, please prepare solid coloured (white/black/grey/brown) t-shirts for everyone.

  • Q: What happens if baby cries, urinates or has bowel movements?

    Babies cry, and usually because he or she is hungry; please be prepared to feed your baby in full before the photo session starts. Let us handle it if your baby urinates, etc.